2020 the last of my praying mothers have passed from this life and are with the Lord.

All through my wretched life I have been kept by the power of prayer,

those praying women who treated me as one of their own,

knew that God will never leave me alone.

those praying mothers never gave up.

I am here today because all Mighty God has heard their prayers.

I have always been taught to be a praying man

who talked the talk but didn’t understand

twisting and turning doing my thing.

I am still here to tell this story,

how mothers love gave God the Glory

that heard the prays of  mothers past.

Yes, now at this ripe old age, at last.

I look back and see all the wrong,

page by page, song by song

God heard those prayers,  guiding me on.

I was so blind, and could not see,

it was about the flesh, not the Spirit in me.

My mothers prayers  weathered through a lot of storms,

cutting school, drinking , smoking ,and carrying on. not being aware.

There is power in prayer.

I was on my way to a wholesome life,

with a child and a loving wife,

but I didn’t put God ahead of the mix.

My marriage fell into a hurtful ditch.

I started smoking, drinking and staying out all night,

Mothers prayers kept me alive through the flight

Now the Lord has called my mothers home.

But those prayers are still going strong.

As I look back down that dusty road, full of hardship and heavy loads,

I know now, I would  have nothing to say,

if those caring mothers didn’t pray.

Pray on my child, I got a home on high.


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