It’s normal to be concerned about things you are facing, but you are not alone.

The loving spirit of God is at work to repel the spirits of depression and doubt that assail you.

Beware, adversity will tempt you to lower your standard of and change your beliefs to fit the situation.

Jesus does not change, and the things He has revealed to you have not changed. They may not be manifested yet, but you are still God’s child, and he has never stopped loving you or being concerned about what is happening in your life.

The enemy continuously seeks to paralyze your pursuit of God-given dreams and desires.

Hold on to God, and let your season change. Refuse to give in. God is opening doors to give you the keys to things and places that have seemed inaccessible.

It is never God who holds you back. We choose to allow things past and present to keep us from the fullness of God.

Your God stands with you. Continue to pray and seek Him

You must be renewed, and this in my process.

Everything must rest on me. Love is the complete conquering force. This love comes from me to you, so I say to you: be not afraid, for I am helping you.

My spirit is flowing to and through you, and as it does, it washes away all the bitterness of the past.

Take heart, for your heavenly father loves, your father helps, your father fights your battles, and your father wins. You shall see how the way opens.

As you recognize how my love has planned for before your needs unfolded.

As you use your faith, you will see those things that the natural eye cannot.

Every trial is a challenge that you can conquer with your faith.

Allow the trust you have in me to grow, for that is the foundation of or relationship.

Know that I am with you . Even though you face these trials, they will not last, but our relationship will last, even beyond this life.

Do not limit your father, for all is well, and wonderful things are happening. Behold, all things are possible unto you, saith the lord.

I am with you in all that confronts you. My word is comfort, and for this day I released within you new power to cope with adversity. As I prompt you by my spirit, act in your faith. When you feel that there is no clear guidance, then abide by my word.

Walk forward in confidence without fear or panic. The attitude of faith will always bring reward.

Be of good cheer, my child, for my hand will preserve you in all that currently obstructs your path.

Rejoice in the sense of security that is yours through communion with me.

I am your friend and companion in every step you take.

I transform them and even make the crooked way straight.

These three gifts abide in you: faith,hope and charity.

Faith is your attitude towards me. Charity is your attitude towards your fellow humans. Hope is the confidence I have placed in you, so that you can succeed. You are entering my glorious time of expression, for I am the lord who loves you always, saith the Lord.

It is I, the Lord, your God, who stands with you. Continue to pray and seek me, and the way will unfold. You are not alone in these matters that trouble you.

It is only that the plans I have made for you have not unfolded to their fullest. Though you have felt the valley was empty, my child, I am with you to guide you and show you that no door is too difficult to be opened when you have my power flowing through you.

You have no cause to fear .

Know that I am with you to protect you. Continue to live in hope and be calm in knowing that I am there, all powerful and without an end to ways in which I can help you reach that place you desire to be.

Even now my spirit is at work to increase the joy in your heart.

I am building a foundation in your life, a source of peace. I will make even your dwelling a refuge from turmoil. Therefore, trust in me and be patient, for my strength flows to you even now.

All harmful thoughts must be turned away from your mind. This is part of the process of perfecting you for that which is to come.

Wonders are unfolding that will cause those around you to tremble with awe.

My kingdom comes silently.

Trust me, for I am the Lord , and it shall be well with you.

I am your heavenly father who loves you beyond measure, Saith the Lord.

Create a new respect for things you are asking God to draw into your life.

Learn to love yourself more.

After all, God loved you enough to give you the ultimate gift of life.

The greatest thing you can do with God’s gift is to make the most of it. Plan to live abundantly, as Jesus said ( St. john 1010).

Never say, “ I can’t.” always say, “ I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13).

The things you say do contain power.

I perceive this word of knowledge coming forth for you: focus on your personal life and give all the attention you can to those involved in it, especially those you love. You have more effect on those you talk to than you may ever know.

Forgotten resolutions will resurface; this time around it will be very different.

With the help of the holy Spirit, you will

avoid all traps aimed at you.

You will sense how the spirit within is making you more aware.

The Holy Spirit anticipates your trials and understands your battles.

Your winning is on God’s mind.

He will put His weapons in your hand, in your mouth and in your life.

The Word of God is the weapon that Satan cannot withstand.

What you are, determines what grows within you. Become more spiritual.

Seek more of the spirit and draw nearer to God ( St. Mathew 6:33).

He will draw even nearer to you.

now I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it is come to pass, you might believe.” St. John 14:20

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