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There I was sitting on the third pew in church one bright summers Sunday morn.        A young preacher approached the pulpit with a disturbing look on his face, as someones cellphone rang over the silent forum, he started his sermon with the comforts of our society , stating the advantages of our technologies and the conveniences that they bring us day by day, all over the world, and how we enjoy each and every moment getting pleasure and need of the services it provides.                      The addicted need for googling(surfing the Web) and texting has become normal as breathing.   An than he spoke of how this instrument was created, the materials that it takes for its makeup and function.  He paused for a moment, than went on to talk about where these materials come from, and how they are mined and sold for profit. “If  we only knew the pain and suffering to create such a thing” he said. “Would we be so proud to commit to its cause”.    He than began telling a story about the precious material called Tantalum (produced from coltan  which is used primarily for the production of tantalum capacitors, used in many electronic devices. Many sources mention coltan’s importance in the production of mobile phones.  These resources contribute to slavery of children and promotes wars.   

The preacher then said” Let us take this time in church to cut off our cellphones and pray for all the suffering thats going on in the Congo of Africa to end.

This sermon led me to search the web to enlighten me further to whats going on in the Congo of Africa.  You would not believe what our technology is doing to the poor in such a rich country others.     Check it out for yourself, go to



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