Made from Love and the firmness tart apple


I loves me some apple pie, how about you? 

There are a lot of ways to put together a good apple pie recipe.

My mother loved to bake. I remember as a child she would clip recipes out of newspapers and magazines and create magic, she loved to cook, and was good at it, Her pies and cakes were as good or better than any store bought pastries. I was never good at imitating her natural talent.,although I would diligently try.

The best I could ever do in pastries was a pound cake from scratch.  My specialty was meat. I got down when it came to the main course, and that’s only because I worked in a meat market in my youth. The best chefs were great meat cutters.  Lets get back to the apple pies.  Here are some of my favorite apple pie recipes I found on the internet. I have learned a lot by watching people do their thing on youtube. I hope you will like the videos too and try to take part in the task.  Now that I am 64 and retired I take advantage of the time to practise baking cakes and pies. I’m getting there ( nothing like mom’s), but with a little more practice, one day I’ll get there. So people tell me. Hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I do. I hope to make a video of my progress in trying to bake one of the best apple pine online.  So stay in touch the best is yet to come. Enjoying life in my retirement trying things out.


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