tree of life


While my sister and brother-in law work ,

I look after my 12 year old niece and 8 year old nephew.  After retiring I spin a lot of time with my sisters kids, I usually pick them up from school in the fall season, making sure they are fed and preoccupied with home work.  

My niece has after school home work programs, shes no problem, but that nephew of mine, all he wants to do is play and watch TV.  I try to keep him focus on his school work, but its a losing battle, my patients are not as strong now that I’m reaching the ripe age of 64.

Summer is now here both kids have breaks, niece is in Summer school, by choice. my nephew is home with me 3 weeks in the month of June, then he returns back to school. My sister purchased learning material for him to study for a couple of hours a day, this is suppose to be his routine.

Every morning before 9 am I drop my niece off to school and pick her up at 1 pm, then I go about my daily choirs, now my nephew knows what hes suppose to do, instead he goes straight to the TV.  Every morning I have to get at him to pick up a book, its frustrating, he makes me so angry, for he knows what he has to do, and I hate making him, so I explain that it is only for 1 hour, then he can do what ever.

I was young once, but when I was told to do something I did it, and then it was over, it didn’t kill me, no matter if I liked it or not,  but this little so and so just loves to play eat and play some more, we get along great.  He won that battle over me.  He’ll learn to read soon enough, I guess some boys take a longer than others.

His dad brought him a bike for Christmas, but he didn’t know how to ride it, so to ease my pain I taught him to ride, it took 2 days.   wish he would learn to read that fast.

Next month it will be July, back to school for nephew.

Any advice ?

Children are so special, wise but weak. With the right guidance they can come to greatness.   Times are changing no one wants to go along with the program just because somebody says it’s right. Children are trying to take their lives into another direction, no more “yes sir”, “yes mam”. Respect is out the window.  The future is now for them and the pass has very little meaning.  Knowledge is not hidden, all doors are open. Only enemy is the enemy within.  As elders we must show them what love is and not to put pressure on their minds to be slaves to the old ways of thinking, they must be taught to understand truth. We as elders we must show them a better way than the way we were taught, for all our lives we were lied to about the way of life, imitating bad habits brought down by our ancestors. Causing them to rebel in a negative unrighteous way.  Force always follows force, constant pushing, fighting , butting of heads, only causes resentment, now the ego takes over, and then fear an hatred comes in, confusion fills the air of their precious lives.   Only love can conquer hate.

We as elders must nurture the love that’s given at birth, so that it may spread as an contagious disease.  We must come together for the sake of their livelihood.


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