It’s been a long day at work, and now it’s time to unwind before going home, don’t want to straight go home, for the emptiness of my fortress of solitude is filled with loneliness.

Next door from my place of employment there was a neighborhood bar. I have passed this bar every day on my way home, but never adventured through its doorway. Until one day my curiosity overtook me, so I ventured through to see what was going on. an I found myself a nice corner near the jukebox, where I started to play a few of my favorite selections, to pass the time.

It was now 5:15 people were just getting off work, at first the crowd was rather thin. but after about my third beer, the people start pouring in. Not being used to hanging out, I decided it was my time to leave.

This went on for weeks and became my routine after work. I became familiar with this bar and it with me, everybody seemed quite friendly, even though I worked next door, the acquaintance was on a worker customer relationship.

One Friday after work I was feeling a little down, so I had just a little more than my usual share of intake of the witches brew.  I fell into a deep sleep staying a bit longer than before. when I had awakened the place was packed.

As I began to get myself together to leave, the owner approached me with a proposition, he added that he had a party going on, but his D J was a no-show and asked if I would fill in.

I had no idea how I was going to pull this off, for I knew nothing about this en-devour.

The Owner would not take no for an answer, so I agreed.

I did not know that would be the start of my long adventures dealing with bars.

For ten years I worked in a grocery store by day and in a bar at night.

Time moved on and my associates grew, more bars became more frequent.  I visited so many bars on the south side of Chicago, that the faces of just about everyone, I ran into, I’ve met before. (small world).  My friends and family thought I was popular.

My life had become a blissful nightmare of a fool, for the money was made, but there was none to be seen, for as fast it came it left.

A fool and his money shall always part, mindless thoughts, and empty acts become an empty heart and shallow pockets.

Day after day I prayed that this new adventure would change, but too long I have been involved, caught up in its madness of fun-filled nights, it felt so good that I just couldn’t put it down, till on one fate filled night I found myself intangled and trapped in triangles of relationships I had no business being in. Feeling lost in the emotions, that my mind couldn’t handle, losing myself in a masquerade of loneliness even though people were all around me wherever I would be, sharing the moments.  Yes, all this effortless work should have made me a well-to-do, with all the profits that I had acquired.

Bam!  it was over. I was a D J.


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