But are they the answer?



Recently I started taking surveys online.

The first question was, should teachers be trained to carry guns? Then they give you three answers, 1.yes 2.no way 3. I’m not sure. I answered 2. no way. In my opinion, and I hope all will agree that guns should not be in schools period.

Guns have no place in schools, or in any public places, like on your job.

I carried a snug nose 38 as a young man of 21 years of age, for about a year, for protection,  I learned that carrying a gun makes you very brave, but even with a level head it will be very troublesome, I almost, out of angry was going to kill someone, yes you can get that mad, people will push you to it. Luckily I pulled out some self-control and felt it was not worth taking someone’s life, I thank God for touching me, I’d probably would have been sentenced for life or put to death. I am now 63 years old and knock on wood, never been locked up or had someone’s death on my conscience.

The New York Times post about the president’s opinions on gun in schools.

At a listening session with grieving parents and school-shooting victims, including students from Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, President Trump suggested teachers should be allowed to carry firearms.

 Watch on Youtube Video »





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