What’s the big idea?

Now that I had retired things started breaking down.

First the washing machine, next the furnace, then the refrigerator, door bell, stove and car.

It seems like the forces of nature wants to keep me working or to keep me broke.

O K. first things first, a plan: diagnose the problem, next, find parts for make and model.

Next find out if the job is to big to handle.

Get the right tools for the job.

Where to look for help? Where else YouTube.

It seems that everybody from novice to pros have solutions on the internet.

You can also find parts at reasonable prices and by doing the work yourself you save a lot on labor cost.

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6 cyl 4.0 would have been about 3 years old I purchased it from a used auto lot in Villa Park IL. Premium Autos for about almost 3 grand, the vehicle was in great shape,I couldn’t have gotten a better bargain at that price anywhere, IT WAS LIKE NEW!

I wish I had gone back after a guy ran a stop sign and totaled it,  I came out alright, boy. I loved that Jeep.

Now I drive a 2003 Jeep Grand  Cherokee 6 cyl 4.0 it’s a good jeep but not like the 2002.

I thought It was the same dealership, the name was similar.

I had to put in a little work on this one.  Brakes, Tires, Tune up. motor mounts. I did most of the work myself with the help of Youtube 



So I found the parts the car on E bay and Amazon and they would arrive in about 2 days top, I needed motor mounts, and a passenger side window actuator ( the motor was shot and cable had broke). easy work once you get the know how.

1A Auto have a large selection of videos of how-to auto repair installation for your specific year, make and model.

The videos will guide you with step by step instructions to empower you to tackle your own repairs

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