The Teachings

The Toa (pronounced ” dow”) means the Way. All meditation and spiritual exercise lead to the Way. The Way does not refer to peace in your general outlook when dealing with daily life. When you have found the Way you can find peace in all things. Violence and hostility shall disappear from your being, to be replaced by love for all things.

The teachings of the tao are to be found in the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze (an older Chinese contemporary of Confucious) and in the book of Chuang- Tsu, as well as the works of many lesser-known sages.

For those of you unfamiliar with Oriental sayings and philosophy, some may seem difficult to understand: so do not try to understand them; meditate on them. So, read the thoughts and meditate upon them. Read them over and over until the words flow effortlessly through your head. The meanings will be unveiled to you when you are ready to receive them; probably when you least expect it.

The Way is to find meditation and peace in everything you do, be it mowing the lawn, playing an instrument, washing the dishes, looking at the stars, building a house. As long as you find yourself doing that particular thing, you might as well enjoy it. Do not think of what you could be doing. Think of what you are doing and find peace in it. Doing this you find peace within yourself. This is the aim of all meditational practice.

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