These are a few meaningful gifts that were given to me by ones that are a dear part of my life.

The watch on the far left was a gift from my heart and soul my one and only daughter Patrice, who made me feel so special even when I knew I didn’t deserve it, who let me know I am her father and family inspite of, not because of.

The pocket watch was a gift from a beautiful young lady and very dear friend who looked after me and took me into her family when I was too drunk to drive home,  Shannon.

The third watch was from my dear baby sister, who has made me so proud of her life in Christ Jesus, I truly believe her prayers have kept me.

The copper bracelet was my Step Dad ‘s  gift of healing, from the only dad I know and Love.

Here it is to the man, who rocks his child and rocks his child alone, Here it is to the man who rocks another man’s child when he could be rocking his own.

I was that other man’s child. I had no choice, but to color this man father.

Before his death he also gave me his ring, that is on the far left.

The watch on the far right was a gift from a man who almost changed my life.

Gus was the owner of the small, but popular liquor lounge, (on the south side of Chicago) who hired me as his D J in the late 80s. he ignited the power of music that I had dwelling inside of me that could set the world on fire,  Thy Will Be Done.

The second ring from the left was given to me by a woman who wanted me for her very own,  but I declined, She told me to keep the ring to remember, what all I could have had. I can still hear her words…..” Can you afford this”?

The second ring from the right was my gift for winning a chess contest at the Art Institute of Chicago,(at a party back in the late 70s), my glory days of chess.

Never underestimate a young black son of a biscuit who plays chess.

These are just a few gifts I have received over the years that bring back fond memories of good times and good people.

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