accident-banana-skin-be-careful-36763.jpgSafety First…

There is a difference between an accident and an incident, you have control over one, (an incident) but the other ( accident ) happens due to conditions. On the job or at home in the streets,working or playing we must be aware of our conditions to enjoy the benefits of a safe and healthy life.

I worked at a corrugated box plant for thirteen years in Bedford Park Illinois, where I was introduced to a valuable principle which stated:” Have the Courage to Intervene .” this meant that, if you see hear smell something wrong in the plant, don’t ignore, take action, do something. By taking the courage to intervene, you could save lives from accidents and prevent incidents from happening. We were instilled this, by having meetings every Monday before we started our daily routine with an added safety committee meeting once a month. We were also encouraged to carry this principle in our everyday lives away from the plant and share it with our family and friends.

Safety First was our motto, we wore it like a badge, nothing was more important not even production if it stood in the way of safety. We were told to leave the Job the same way you arrived ( alive, healthy and in one piece). One of our main principles of safety. out of the seven was safety was a condition of employment, if you couldn’t work safe, you would be terminated after a warning.

I am now retired, and I give thanks to having had a privilege to work in such an environment that cared enough about my safety.

I know from reading other blogs that there are so many places of employment that care nothing for the safety of employees, their main concern is production, that is why I applaud the honest men and women of organizations like Osha.

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