Hi, my name is Johnnie. I have been retired for over a year now, and I never felt so good with less in my life,

Time is mine at last.

I plan to visit my relatives more, you see, I really miss seeing them.

You see there was a time back in 2004 my Dad had gotten ill from Stroke and my mother was showing signs of Dementia so I packed up and moved back home.

Working and caring for them became kinda difficult when they both became bedridden. It was like taking care of two adult babies.

Today I thank God for his strength and the help of my sister and those beautiful caregivers. I can’t thank them enough.

Well, 2012 my Dad passed on and it was just me and mother until 2014.

Both parents passed around the Christmas holidays. 2016

The Holidays will never feel the same for me again.

You do what you have to do in this life.  Today is all that matters for Yesterday is gone, and we know nothing about tomorrow, so give it your best and be happily retired.





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